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Jaw Pain Relief - TMJ Treatment

Does your jaw ache, or do you have pain when closing/opening your jaw or when chewing? Jaw pain can be excruciating and be a catalyst for other symptoms like headaches, neck pain and earaches. Temporomandibular joint disorder, or TMJ/TMD, is often the cause of jaw pain and related symptoms that impact the quality of life of those with this disorder. Bob Perkins, DDS is a TMJ specialist who can offer relief from jaw pain and other TMJ symptoms, with an office conveniently located in San Francisco.

TMJ is not a singular disorder with specific symptoms. Each person with this issue may have different problems, all stemming from the jaw joint, muscles and tendons. When the jaw joint does not work correctly, it impacts more than just the opening of the mouth. The pain can radiate to the neck and shoulders, cause headaches/migraines and ringing in the ears. It may be a factor in causing obstructive sleep apnea and impact the quality of sleep. Finding the cause and treating this disorder is what Dr. Perkins does best, helping reduce the pain and discomfort for his patients with TMJ.

Common Causes of Jaw Pain

TMJ and jaw pain can be caused by varying issues. For some, trauma is the source of the dysfunction, impacting the tendons, nerves, muscles or joint in the jaw. For others, dental issues like misalignments and missing teeth can impact the position of the jaw and put strain on the joint and connecting tissues. Other possible causes can include degenerative disease, jaw clenching, teeth grinding and even neck/shoulder issues. Regardless of the cause, Dr. Perkins offers effective treatment to give relief, often within the first session.

If you live in San Francisco and are experiencing jaw pain or have been diagnosed with TMJ, there are options for relief. Contact the local office of Dr. Bob Perkins to schedule an exam and consultation to discuss treatment for your jaw issue to give you pain relief and a higher quality of life.

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Karen M.

He is the best dentist I have ever been to and I don’t see myself ever changing unless I move out of state. He is worth the drive from anywhere and it gives you a great reason to take a vacation day and to go to the beach as well.

Diana B.

I broke my tooth during the holidays and Dr Perkins saw me immediately even though he was supposed to leave for the holidays. And the staff are as charming and caring as he is. I walked out of there within an hour with my temporary tooth in place and not one ounce of pain. He’s the best !

Marissa B.

Always a pleasure to see the dentist knowing my smile is improving! Bob is caring and I tell all my good friends about him & people who appreciate beauty and attention to detail.

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