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TMJ Disorder Specialist

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Dr. Perkins makes a guarantee that if you don't experience complete relief of your symptoms in the first treatment you will only pay $250.

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If you were ever involved in an accident that caused an injury to your mouth area, you could experience TMJ later in life.


Temporomandibular joint disorders affect the jaw joint and chewing muscles that can cause discomfort or pain in the jaw.


Dr. Perkins will analyze the bite ratio between the upper and lower levels of the teeth to find the cause of the disorder.

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About TMJ Disorder Specialist Dr. Bob Perkins

Dr. Bob Perkins

Dr. Perkins offers a treatment based on Neuromuscular Dentistry. Neuromuscular Dentistry dictates that a person’s “bite” should be in a place where the muscles that support the jaws are relaxed and not under any undo stress in order to function in the “bite”. So often with TMJ the lower jaw is forced to retrude in order for the teeth to come together. Muscles have to strain and overwork in order to find the existing, pathological bite. This chronic overworking of the muscles and joint bring about pain and tightening. Neuromuscular Dentistry finds a new bite position where the muscles and joint in the head and neck area are NOT forced not overwork. The process of finding this new bite position is totally reversible and non invasive. A new bite can be established in the proper Neuromuscular position and the muscles can calm down overnight. In a high percentage of the cases treated the patient will notice virtually a total resolution of their symptoms. These symptoms can include: HEADACHES, ringing of the ear, neck pain, clicking of the joint, ear congestion, and many other symptoms.

In addition, when a patient has TMJ disorders it is often reflected in the proportion of their face. A typical TMJ patient will often have a lower jaw that is set back (retruded). The lower face will oftentimes be short (compressed). Finding the correct bite that works best for pain relief will invariably bring about a more proportional and often younger looking face. Skin will flatten out as it gets more support from the new position of the lower jaw. The visual changes can be quite profound (refer to photos below).

No permanent changes are made to the patients bite unless and until the temporary changes have proven to bring about the desired results. This process of finding the correct bite via the temporary process takes no more than 4 weeks. After this time a patient will be presented with the treatment plan to move forward and make the changes (and the results) permanent. Once the changes are permanent the patient will not have any relapse of the symptoms. It is like changing lanes with your car from a lane that was full of debris into a lane that is clear and unobstructed.

In closing, chronic TMJ/TMD problems very rarely resolve on their own and they can be quite debilitating and degenerative.

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Our Happy Patients


Based on 18 reviews

Karen M.

He is the best dentist I have ever been to and I don’t see myself ever changing unless I move out of state. He is worth the drive from anywhere and it gives you a great reason to take a vacation day and to go to the beach as well.

Diana B.

I broke my tooth during the holidays and Dr Perkins saw me immediately even though he was supposed to leave for the holidays. And the staff are as charming and caring as he is. I walked out of there within an hour with my temporary tooth in place and not one ounce of pain. He’s the best !

Marissa B.

Always a pleasure to see the dentist knowing my smile is improving! Bob is caring and I tell all my good friends about him & people who appreciate beauty and attention to detail.


Dr. Perkins is one remarkable dentist: whip-smart, precise in his work, thoughtful about sharing various options for a patient’s treatment, humane and kind. I have had outstanding results from Dr. Perkins and I recommend him without reservation. His fast-track orthodontia is amazing!

Heather L.

I had a wonderful experience at Dr Perkins’ office. His staff are kind and incredibly professional, and I felt comfortable immediately. After having been to a great many dentists, I have finally found one I trust completely and look forward to returning to!

David L.

Dr. Perkins exceeded my expectations in providing me with a new smile. He was very professional and extremely knowledgable on how to best achieve great results. I would highly recommend Dr. Perkins to anyone looking for a great cosmetic dentist.

Julianne P.

I am a new patient and could not be happier with how accommodating and attentive Dr. Perkins and EVERYONE is at his practice. I had a crown fall off during the holiday break, I called and they got me right in … I was in and out in 45 minutes. Grateful.

Tom and Tina L.

I am just beginning my journey with Dr. Perkins. He has temporarily fixed my TMJD and will start on a permanent solution next week. I can’t wait to get my bite and mouth back to normal.

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Malibu Office

24955 Pacific Coast Highway, Ste. C100

Malibu, CA 90265

West Hollywood Office

9201 Sunset Blvd. #501

West Hollywood, CA 90069

New York Office

18 E. 48th # 501

New York, NY 10017